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Holistic Services
30 mins : $75.00 / 45 mins: $125.00 / 60 mins: $140.00

Manual Osteopathy

Restore Balance

Manual Osteopathy is a non-invasive, manipulative therapy that looks at the body as a complete unit. It works on the body’s whole structure to help relieve pain, improve mobility and restore all-round health. Manual Osteopaths are trained to look at the body’s misalignments and uses manipulations to restore the balance within the system. These Light Manipulations, combined with soft Tissue Techniques, and Muscle Energy Techniques allow for the body’s framework to be adjusted which in turn stimulates the body’s natural abilities to heal itself further.

Andrew Still, the founder of Osteopathy, followed the main principle of Function follows Structure. He believed that our whole- body structure, organs, systems, mind and emotions are all interrelated and therefore interdependent of each other. One chief complaint of a structural problem in the body can actually offset the balance of the whole body and influence one’s emotions and mental health. Similarly, internal problems/stress can reveal themselves in the body’s structure as it adapts to accommodate pain, discomfort or disease.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Achieve optimal health and wellness

This isn’t just your average type of coaching. Brittany takes a whole different approach to the health/life coaching world. Bringing in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to healing. Brittany will hone in on the areas you are struggling with and look beyond the box on how you can overcome the hurdles you face. Through techniques learned in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Bodytalk, Health and Life coaching coupled with personal experience and years of working with clients, Brittany gets to the nitty-gritty with where you are stuck. There is no limit, whether it be an emotional or mental slump due to some personal matters going on. So whether you’re struggling with a career change, eating disorders, or just with being yourself. Brittany has you covered.
30 mins: $75.00 / 45 mins: $125.00 / 60 mins: $140.00
Holistic Services
30 mins: $75.00 / 45 mins: 125.00 / 60 mins: $140.00


an integrative approach

BodyTalk System™ takes an integrative approach to health care by supporting our body’s own natural healing mechanisms. A BodyTalk practitioner’s role is to restore communication systems within the body/mind. Our body’s response is to supply holistic, non-invasive ways to end physical, mental and emotional pain, relieve stress and attain optimum health.

Being a conscious-based health care system with a foundation of quantum physics, bodytalk works on the scientific base that each system, cell, and atom in the body is in continuous communication. Everyday stresses often disrupt these lines of communication or overload the energy circuits. The BodyTalk System is simple and effective; it re-synchronizes and re-aligns the body. This allows the body to return to its natural healthy function, effectively responding to injury and illness- as nature intended.

The BodyTalk system works by identifying the weakened or damaged internal energy circuits meaning that we do not address the symptoms but actually seek the root cause. Each session is individual, and straightforward and no diagnosis is made. The practitioner relies on the client’s inherent knowledge to locate the energy links needing repair. We use a form of biofeedback which is a subtle muscle-reflex technique, that offers this essential information along with the proper order in which the changes should be made. Using this technique, we are able to address all healing in a subsequent order which is imperative in the energy balancing process.


Detox Your System

This technique on a physical level has been used to decrease swelling in tissues, improve mobility, enhance immune functioning, and draw toxins from the body. It can be helpful in addressing a range of health conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. As there is a theory that poor circulation of fluids and lymph underlies a host of conditions from cellulite to cancer, lymphatic drainage could support a number of other health issues as well. However, on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, this technique can also support the release of stored emotion or experiences, reduction in one’s experience of stress, and the enhancement of overall wellbeing.

This Lymphatic Drainage has a unique process based on the BodyTalk system. It is used to help stimulate sluggish lymphatic movement in the body and drain tissues of excess fluid.

Unlike standard Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques practiced by massage therapists, osteopaths and other trained therapists, this technique can be done over clothing, energetically a short distance from the body, and even a significant distance from the body.

45 mins: $125.00


full body ICR application

Brittany utilizes Seqex Devices in primary approaches, as well as rehabilitative, and integrative depending on the Client. But what is it? The Seqex device, created in Italy, is the first and only of it’s Kind, providing an ICR (ion cyclotronic resonance) full body application. Through the use of the Earth’s Magnetic Field, we are able to use specific frequencies to help stimulate certain aspects of our body’s cells to optimize body function.

Although a complex system, it does nothing more than replicate the world’s natural frequencies that we don’t seem to be getting enough of due to the high levels of interference and electro smog from our current electrical devices. i.e WIFI, cellphones, etc.

Health Canada has approved the Seqex device as a Class II Medical Device. It has been approved for:
  • Improving Microcirculation
  • Inducing a Muscle Relaxant Effect
  • Reducing inflammation
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