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Brittany Bird Holistic Practitioner


Brittany Bird

After almost losing her life, Brittany underwent a profound realization that existence held far greater depth than the monotonous routine and conventional medical methodologies she had previously adhered to. This transformative incident ignited within her an unwavering sense of adventure, heightened empathy, and an insatiable thirst for exploring novel avenues. Fueled by her newfound perspective, Brittany embarked on a remarkable journey that culminated in the establishment of her very own company, defying traditional paradigms and revolutionizing her approach to working with individuals. By embracing holistic methods, Brittany has been able to forge meaningful connections and make a lasting impact on the lives of those she encounters, employing her innate curiosity and fervor for knowledge to create innovative solutions and pursue uncharted paths.

Driven by her dedication to enhancing patient well-being, Brittany diligently pursues ongoing education in cutting-edge therapies. She believes that an all-encompassing approach is vital for optimal care and healing, one that seamlessly integrates holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative methods rooted in the principles of quantum physics. To amplify her ability to serve her patients with the utmost efficacy, Brittany has embarked on an  academic journey, currently working toward a Doctorate  in integrative medicine at Quantum University in Hawaii. Through this comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum, she aims to cultivate a profound understanding of both Eastern and Western practices, enabling her to deliver a harmonious blend of therapeutic modalities to her valued patients.


Brittany also is a Brand Ambassador for Girl Time Inc. in Collingwood Ontario. As an ambassador her job is to inspire and empower the women in the community to get out of their comfort zones, do new things and overall get grounded back to what makes them happy all while connecting with new people.


Whole Person Approach

Natural and Safe Solutions

Education and Empowerment

Compassionate and Supportive Care



Brittany is knowledgeable, supportive, professional and over all provides a 10/10 visit.

Not only does she help you get to the root of your concerns on your visit, but she will also provide you with some great take-aways for a treatment plan to help aid you in your healing journey.
– Rebecca Fox
Brittany Bird Holistic Practitioner


I left the session feeling a lot better both mentally and physically.

This was my first visit to an osteopath ever and I didn’t know what to expect. Brittany educated me on all the amazing health benefits of osteopathy and treated me during our session. I will be coming back for regular visits.
– James Twist


I have never felt so calm, grounded and clear.

She provides a beautiful, inviting and relaxing space for her treatments. She is such a kind and knowledgeable soul that allows you to feel immediately at ease. Her attention to detail, and knowledge goes way above and beyond your expectations. I learned so much about Body Talk and Osteopathy as this was my first time trying out these treatments combined. It is a double whammy! I have never felt so calm, grounded and clear as both of these services combined are AMAZING.
– Megan Forrest

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With gentle, hands-on techniques, Brittany can help you achieve optimal health and wellness, whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, injury, or just looking to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

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