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Manual Osteopath and Holistic Practitioner

Looking beyond your symptoms to help you find ways to overcome your current struggles.

Holistic Approaches to Treat and Prevent Illness or Injury

Whether it be a recent or a prolonged issue/injury, Brittany at Totality Therapies Inc. looks at the person as a whole and will work on any and all aspects of being that you are seeking assistance in. Brittany loves to put the client first and ensures that treatment/sessions are always tailored to the individual.


Stress Relief

Brittany provides gentle, hands-on techniques to release tension within the body. Whether it be mental, emotional, or physical stress, Brittany can help to restore balance to the nervous system. By taking a holistic approach to stress, she can reduce symptoms and promote relaxation, allowing the body to do what it does best – heal itself naturally.


PAIN Relief

The body is always talking but are you listening? Brittany aims to alleviate pain by really looking in and identifying some of the root causes of the problem you face. Using holistic approaches, Brittany is able to see what the body needs in order to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility, and restore proper alignment within the body. Brittany also ensures to educate you to help prevent future pain and promote overall well-being so you can get back to what is important in your life.


Improved Mobility

The process of improving mobility involves a thorough assessment of your body. Brittany looks at the whole picture including but not limited to posture, movement patterns, and any areas of pain or discomfort. Using gentle, hands-on techniques, Brittany can help release tension in all areas of the body allowing for improved mobility, improved range of motion, reducing pain and stiffness and allowing you to move with more ease.

The power of your bodies ability to heal itself

Are bodies are capable of incredible transformations and adaptation. Through manual osteopathy we work to facilitate and support the bodies natural healing process.


Brittany Bird

Defying the odds and the societal norms of healing, Brittany has both heaps of personal and professional experience when it comes to overcoming health hurdles. Brittany believes in a holistic approach where she looks at all her clients from a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspect, thus undergoing the additional title of a Holistic Practitioner.

Knowledgeable, Supportive, Professional

Brittany is knowledgeable, supportive, professional and over all provides a 10/10 visit. Not only does she help you get to the root of your concerns on your visit, but she will also provide you with some great take-aways for a treatment plan to help aid you in your healing journey.
Rebecca Fox


Are you covered by OHIP?
Unfortunately, there are no services offered at Totality Therapies at this time that are covered by OHIP
Are you covered by Extended Health Benefits?
Brittany is a member in Good Standing of both the College of Registered Manual Osteopaths (CRMO) and the National Canadian Association of Alternative Medicine (ACMA). Manual Osteopathy is covered by most health insurers. However, it is advised you check with your provider for the details.
What should I wear?
You may wear any form of clothing you feel most comfortable in. However, Clothing that is loose-fitting is recommended.
Do prices include HST?
Yes. All prices listed include HST if applicable.
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